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Josh Liba Photography:  We are International Luxury Wedding & Portrait Photographers based in Fairfield County CT. Our style is bright, modern and genuine.  No awkward or fake-vintage photos here:  Just dreamy, colorful, enduring photography.

Every year, we shoot a strict limit of 12 weddings or less to ensure you get the uncommonly exclusive service and exquisite photos that you’ll love for life.


We would love to connect with you as soon as possible to give you the personal attention and answers you’re looking for.

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You know that pushy salesperson that stalks you around the store, ready to sell you everything you don’t need?  To us, that’s super annoying, and even if the products were good, we would never feel like coming back.

But we want you to come back!  Our clients like that we let them *breathe.*

We’ll give you all the necessary information to make a confident decision, suggestions only when you ask for them, and then… we let go.  You won’t be on any mailing list, call list, whatever-list, and we won’t push you to buy anything.  Ever.

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