I like you.  That’s right!  You cared enough to search for me, to visit my little site, and right now you’re giving me something even more valuable:  Your time.  Thank you!

I’m Josh Liba:  International luxury wedding & portrait photographer, and yes, dancing ninja. My style is bright, modern and genuine.  No awkward or fake-vintage photos here:  Just dreamy, colorful, effortlessly beautiful photography.  Every year, I shoot a strict limit of 12 weddings or less to ensure you get the uncommonly exclusive service and exquisite photos that you’ll love for life.


Contact me with confidence and be free: Obligation Free. Spam Free. String Free.  You know that pesky salesperson that stalks you around the store, breathing on your neck, ready to sell you everything you don’t need?  I don’t know about you, but to me that’s super annoying, and even if the products are good, I would never come back.

But I want you to come back!  My clients like me because I let them breathe.  I’ll give you all the necessary information to make a decision, suggestions only when you ask for them, and then… I let go.  You won’t be on any mailing list, call list, whatever-list, and I certainly won’t be hounding you to buy anything.  Ever.  So just reach out and say hi!