I’m Josh. I’m a San Francisco native, which automatically obligates me to rave about food next: I love Sushi, Pho, Pad Thai & Colombian coffee.  However, unlike your average San Franciscan, I embrace all the glutens, and sometimes eat extremely non-organic food.  “Stone him!”

I’m VERY happily married to a wonderful woman (and talented photographer) named Vanessa.


I love art.  In grade school, I’d turn in my math homework with superheroes drawn between the equations.  It didn’t get me any extra credit, unfortunately.

My dad, a graphic artist and designer by trade, encouraged me to keep drawing – just not on my homework.

After high school, I took some classes in design and color theory, and among other odd jobs, worked as a Web Designer, Art Gallery Assistant, and Comic Book Artist.


At 19, I moved to the World Headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses in New York, also known as Bethel.

I was assigned to the Patterson complex which, among other departments, houses the Art and Photography Studios for worldwide production.

Over the years, I drew constant inspiration from the experienced photographers and artists that I met there.


Assigned to a busy job, I had less time to complete any drawings or paintings. As an artist, it was disappointing, because I like to finish what I start.

My cousin Jonathan, inspired me to take up a new form of art: Photography!

I poured myself into learning and experimenting with all kinds of gear.  Eventually, I decided that I really liked shooting people!  I really should find a better way to say that…


is what made me a wedding photographer. I was content shooting close-ups of flowers and coffee.  One day at lunch, one of my co-workers, Joel, said to me,

“Hey, you take photos, right?” “Uh…yeah, of like, plants and stuff.” “Well, I’m getting married…”  “Oh. Okay.” Boom – First wedding.

Thankfully, it went well, and since then, I’ve been extremely privileged to photograph hundreds of weddings in seven states and across continents. I never would have thought that a casual lunch conversation would turn into an international career.

My very first couple: I've always had a thing for sunsets!


My clients have always been primarily word of mouth, and I am truly grateful to have been a part of so many memorable occasions, and to have made so many awesome friends around the world.

The pictures you see here and on the blog are what happens when a life-long artist and graphic designer switches careers.

That’s my story. Can I help you tell yours?



Now that you’ve learned a little about me, I would love to hear your story!  If you need a quote, an answer, or just want to say hi, please use the form below and let’s get in touch!  

I hate pushy salespeople, and I won’t spam or abuse your email.  I believe my work should sell itself, so you’ll never be pressured to buy anything, ever.  

Contact me with confidence that I will only use your email or phone number just like your best friend would use it:  To say hello.