Short for Joshua & Vanessa!  Everything is short to us.  We are literally short people.  But not short on fun!  Or bad puns, apparently.

In December 2011, my lovely Vanessa agreed to be my even-lovelier wife. CONFETTI!  Yes, I tend to shout “Confetti!” in the absence of actual confetti. Whatever.In the presence of actual confetti, I may shout out POTATOES!
By the way, there are more hidden comments in this page, but they're not highlighted. Have fun! 😉
We married in Vanessa’s home country, Colombia, and spent our first few years living there.

Among many things, I really loved the opportunity it gave me to learn more about Vane’s family and culture, and the experience of living outside of the United States for the first time.

Also, I love the tropical coast, and Colombian coffee happens to be my favorite!  Can’t. Stop. Winning.


-EST. 2010

Josh Liba Photography was created (by accident) in 2010 when a co-worker noticed that I had a nice camera, and commented that he was getting married soon and needed a photographer. Which, I might add, is a really bad way to choose a wedding photographer.

Thankfully, that first wedding was a success and led to a second wedding request, and a third… and a hundredth.


Shortly after Vanessa and I were married, she began creating her own art with the camera. Vanessa naturally has an eye for intricate details, often noticing beauty and emotion in places I wouldn’t have thought of myself.

Naturally, our different shooting styles coalesced beautifully into one cohesive “look” and since 2013, we’ve shot together as a Husband & Wife Team.I personally like to call it The Super-Hyper-Mega-Asian-Colombian-Ramen-Eating-Dancing-Mini-Ninja-Team™ - And if you just tried to say that out loud, we are SO on the same page.

Since Vane and I began working together, I’ve seen the quality of our work improve consistently with each wedding! I believe that being in love, being married to the right person, and developing a deeper compassion and empathy has helped us to be more alert to the sweet little details and nuances that make every couple, and every wedding, unique.

Now, in 2017, we’ve been extremely honored to have photographed more than 150 weddings in several U.S. states and internationally.

Our clients have always been primarily word of mouth, and we are truly grateful to have been a part of so many memorable occasions, gaining so many awesome friends around the world.


Now that you’ve learned a little about us, we would love to hear your story.

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