You’ve seen this awesome couple’s photos in the galleries and front page for a while now, but I just wanted to share my favorites (130 of them) officially on the blog!

Someone told me that I apparently share way more photos per blog post than the average wedding photographer. I don’t feel that’s necessarily a bad thing.  Maybe if you have a slow internet connection?

Sharing a wealth of photos from the day helps our clients to see that we capture a great variety of quality images from the entire day, start to finish, and not just when the natural light is playing nice.

Jun and Rachel organized an awesome day for us to capture, and we will post all the awesome vendors involved at the end of the post once we get their details!

I love how they had prepared custom cards for each other to read before the first look.  It’s a nice moment of reflection and recognition.  +1 for waterproof makeup.

Walking out with the squad to the first look rendezvous!

Our first time shooting in Saratoga Springs, California.  Wonderful nature backdrop for the entire occasion.

Uh, campfire s’mores at a reception?  I DO.

That’s a wrap!  Vanessa and I had a blast covering this wedding, and a shoutout to our assistant Charles for toting around gear.

In other news, my fledgling educational site, ProPhotoGuide is now live!  There are a couple good articles there so far, but I’m looking for new ideas and suggestions always!  Visit and leave a comment on the article map if you’d like to learn how to improve your own photography!

Till next time!  Hopefully not in 8 months…