Whether you know it or not, you’re already a photographer.

In fact, you probably carry around two cameras every day.  Hint: One of them is for selfies.

The truth is, we all take more photos than ever.  Thousands of them.  We take photos of just about everything:  Ourselves, our kids, our friends, our cat, and yes, even our food.And our friend’s cat’s food. I mean, if your friend were serving their cat some canned food that they artistically sculpted into a heart, wouldn’t you take a picture? I’m sure someone has that on their Instagram. Right. Now.

So, if you already own two cameras and have thousands of photos you’ve taken by yourself, the question is…

Why are you here?

You’re here because you know:

  • Despite taking more photos than any other generation, we have less truly-important portraits than ever.
  • We have more low quality snapshots of trivial things on our phones, and less high quality portraits of loved ones on our walls.

You’re here to change that.

And we’re here to help.

How it Works

Easy as 1, 2, 3:

Choose a Photo Session that fits your lifestyle and needs:  Mini, Standard or Deluxe.

Choose your Goods to produce finished prints, wall art, and albums from your selections.

Enjoy! Invite some friends over and show off the brand new portraits adorning the walls of your home!

1. Choose your Photo Session

• Longer sessions produce more options for your walls and home later.
• Standard and Deluxe Sessions allow for multiple outfits and locations.
• Deluxe Clients receive access to specially-priced future sessions.

2. Choose Your Goods

• Personalized Reveal: We will meet with you in-person to present your new portraits for selection.
• Choose from a variety of luxurious goods: Gallery Prints. Fine Art Canvas. Bespoke Albums.
• All purchases include the matching digital file and print release for that portrait size.

Gallery Prints

Lovingly made with the very best papers and inks available.

Our exclusive professional photo labs create archival-quality prints that are rated to endure over 100 years on display.

Every print boasts brilliant and accurate color and tone reproduction, created to last as long as your love.

Fine Art Canvas

Big and bold.  Your very own original masterpiece.

Printed on premium canvas, coated with a variety of beautiful protective textures.  This kind of wall art needs no additional framing and comes ready-to-hang.

We also have acrylic and aluminum prints available in every size and style.

Bespoke Albums

Albums are a timeless way to present and preserve your portraits.

Our revolutionary books lay completely flat with no breaks in the middle, allowing your portraits to spread smoothly across a whole two-page spread.

Album design is an art itself, and we handcraft each page of your album to impress and inspire.


Sample Sizes & Prices

5 x 7 – $50
8 x 10 – $100
11 x 14: $140
16 x 24: $250
20 x 30: $380
24 x 36: $495
30 x 40: $650

All prints are mounted on matboard and finished with a protective lustre coating.
All custom sizes will be available at your ordering session.

Sample Sizes & Prices

10 x 10: $215
11 x 14: $320
16 x 24: $425
20 x 30: $550
24 x 36: $645
30 x 40: $850

All custom sizes will be available at your ordering session.

Sample Album Prices & Options

Base Prices include 10 Spreads (20 Pages)
Lay Flat Binding, Leather or Linen Cover:

Pocket (5 x 5) – $250
Small (8 x 8) – $350
Standard (10 x 10) – $450
Deluxe (12 x 12) – $550

Extra Spreads: $15 ea.

Acrylic, Metal, Wood Cover Upgrade: $150

All options available at ordering session.

Digital Images Only:

Individual Images:
1-10 Images – $100 Each
11-25 Images – $85 Each
25+ Images – $75 Each

ALL Session Images:
Specially priced per session.

Digital Purchases include max size file + printing permissions.

Get even more for your investment

Get rewarded for your purchases.

For every $500 spent, you will earn a $100 Gift Card, redeemable anytime.

For purchases of more than $2000, you will earn a Gift Standard Session!
Keep it for yourself, or give the gift of custom photography to a friend or loved one!


Frequently Asked Questions

Are digital files included with portrait sessions?

Digital files are not included in the session price.

  • The session price represents your investment in the time, skill and experience of your photographer, for the amount of time included in the collection, as well as the professional retouching and personal service being provided.
  • All packages come with an amount of credit to use toward the purchase of goods from your finished collection of pictures.
  • All purchases of goods come with the corresponding digital file, and digital files with self-printing permissions may be also purchased à la carte.
When will I be able to see and order pictures after the session?

We will select the very best pictures from your session and do basic retouching to get them ready for your in-person presentation.  Typically, this will take up to two weeks after your session date.

What is an in-person Reveal? What is an Ordering Session?

We will schedule a time to meet with you at your home or other comfortable location for your in-person Reveal, where you will have the chance to see your finished collection of images.

This Reveal is also your first ordering session:  Your opportunity to select which images will come into the real world in print, canvas or album!

If you live quite far away and an in-person reveal will not be possible, we will schedule a time to present your photos and take your order of goods via online meeting.

Who may come to the Reveal and Ordering Session?  

Everyone that is in charge of making financial decisions, as well as the people that will receive the finished goods, should be present at the Reveal and Ordering Session. (Unless of course, the goods are being purchased as a surprise gift.)

What happens to the pictures I don't purchase?
  • You will have opportunities to purchase them at a later date if needed.  We will do our best to keep your un-purchased images for six months after your reveal.
  • As there is a financial cost associated with the storage and retention of images, your images may be deleted after six months.
  • You will be notified in advance of any expiring images, and in some circumstances we may be able to offer an extension.
Do you make any other photo goods and products?


Although we primarily offer professional prints, fine art canvas, and bespoke albums, there are many other things that can be done with your images.  If you are interested in more products, a full suite of additional photo products may be presented on request.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my session?


  • Free Cancellation: You have 7 days from your booking date to cancel services without cost.
  • After 7 days, and before the day of your session: Cancelling your session completely, without rescheduling, will be subject to a cancellation fee of $150.  The rest of your portrait session cost will be returned.

No-Shows and Day-Of Cancellations:

  • All portrait sessions must be paid in full before the day of the session.  If you fail to show for your portrait session, the full price of your session will be retained, and you may reschedule your session at a later date for a fee of $100.

Inclement Weather:

  • Sometimes light rain can make for interesting images, and rest assured all of our gear is weather-resistant.  But if you have a very particular look in mind, and the weather is not cooperating, we would be happy to reschedule to another available date.
  • Your full payment for the session will be retained for the rescheduled session.  There is no fee for weather-related rescheduling.

Sickness or Emergency:

  • Unfortunately, we all get sick now and then.  Sometimes at the worst possible times!  Also, unexpected emergencies may arise on the day of your shoot.  Please inform us as soon as possible if you do not feel well or an unexpected emergency occurs.
  • Depending on the circumstances of your emergency, we may reschedule, or in extreme circumstances, refund the cost your portrait session.
  • There is no fee for sickness or emergency-related rescheduling.


Consultation and questions are always free!  Take the first step toward putting those beautiful pictures on your walls, and say hi!