Professional Presets and Brushes for Lightroom


You’re in good company.

We collaborated with multiple award-winning wedding and lifestyle photographers to ensure the Josh Liba Developing Suite would adapt beautifully to different scenes, cameras and shooting styles.

The result is a curated collection of looks, artistic brushes, and time-saving tools that everyone can use, with their professional camera of choice.


You get each and every one of the eye-catching Color and B/W presets that we use ourselves on every wedding, engagement, and family session.

We’ve tested these looks and brushes with RAW files from every major manufacturer, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Fuji.

These presets have worked for us, will work for you, and most importantly, will WOW your clients!


Click on an image to open the preview gallery of 50+ images from a real wedding.

All images have been developed in less than 3 clicks with the Josh Liba Developing Suite.


Josh Liba COLOR Presets

After more than a hundred weddings and engagement sessions, these are the four color presets that have a presence in all my work.  They complement a variety of scenes, lighting, and skin tones. Each preset comes in a neutral, warm and cool toned variation, for a total of 12 color presets in the JoshLiba Developing Suite. Here’s a preview of each color preset in the Josh Liba Developing Suite:

Awesome Sauce:

Awesome Sauce was the very first develop preset to be used across whole weddings, and is now, after many refinements, my go-to preset for scenes that need a small bite in color detail and sharpness. This all-in-one adjustment can be applied to many types of images as a starting point, or even used as an import preset.  The color palette is not changed, but the overall exposure and contrast levels are adjusted.

Usage Tip:  I like to use it before adding one of my black and white presets on top, and it works especially well with the “Contrastic” Black and White preset for photos with some shadow and drama.

Beautiful Pastel: 

This develop preset is my personal favorite, and can be applied to many kinds of photos as a starting point for develop. In many cases, it works as a one-and-done look.

Why “Pastel?”  The appeal behind many popular color films is in the way that each film reproduces the colors.  Many fine-art wedding photographers in the industry use films whose trademark colors are elegant and fresh pastel shades. The color palette in beautiful pastel does the same, but in a more modern way – The color mix is modified, shifting the colors toward a modern chic pastel hue, with a focus on vibrant blues, greens, golden hues, and skin tones.


For non-Spanish speaking photographers, that means ‘Smooth, Easy’ and that’s what this preset is for your colors.  It brings out the mellow blue and gold tones, while keeping the contrast and black levels fairly low. Great for reducing the edge on harshly lit photos or toning your already bright and colored picture down a notch.  But not too much!  Just smooth and easy… Suavecito! Try this preset in scenes where you would like (or need to maintain) a light contrast and ethereal feel.

Usage Tip:  Works great with backlit subjects and photos taken in hazy light.  Also very fitting for high-key bridal portraits and other dreamy scenes.

Twenty Seven:

Some say that 27 is the best age of our lives. While I don’t agree with that, I DO agree that changing the values in very key areas of Lightroom by the values 2, 7, or 27 will give you a spectacular high color preset!

This preset will intensify general colors without over-saturating skin tones to create a beautifully colorful image that pops on-screen or in print. Usage Tip: It’s great for scenes outdoors with an abundance of flora and fauna, or to brighten up and emphasize the bold colors of a fun prop-filled engagement or child session. Try it out when your images need a kick of bright excitement!

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JOSH LIBA Black & White Presets

Real black and white images are more than just a desaturated color photo. It requires special treatment to really shine. A mix of savory tones and carefully blended contrasts make for a memorable moment in monotone. (Say that three times.)

Black and white photos have a place in every album, providing the emotional value and timeless intrigue that color photos cannot achieve.

These black and white presets are simple, powerful, and flexible, and will truly stand out in your portfolio.  Each preset also comes with a slight bronzed variation that most clients love for its richness and warmth.

Here is an overview of the four key presets included in this pack:


A classic and simple Black and White process that retains the contrast and brightness of the original photo rather than muting it.  There are subtle enhancements in sharpness and vignetting that really give this preset a modern and timeless appeal. Usage Tip: Try running the color preset Awesome Sauce or Beautiful Pastel before applying this preset for creative variations in results.  Use with the Developing Suite to further tune and perfect a unique BW mix yourself!

Comes in Classic and Warm variation (Classic pictured)


A punchy, high-contrast black and white process for dramatically appealing images.  It’s so fantastic and full of contrast, we call it – Contrastic!  That’s corny, I know, but your images won’t be! Usage Tip: This preset works wonderfully with silhouettes and flat lighting to enhance dimension and tonality.  In print, it has consistently been one of my client favorites since the rich black tones give each photo more depth and shadow.

Comes in Classic and Warm variation (Warm pictured)

Day Star:

Day Star is my most used Black and White preset.  It works well for scenes shot outdoors or indoors, and whenever I’m shooting couples with mixed skin tones. The preset focuses on shifting red and yellow tones present in the picture into the most pleasing shades.  As a result, the preset looks good with every skin type, and even improves the appearance of most facial features, balancing them out. Usage Tip:  Try running this fantastic Black and White preset after applying the Beautiful Pastel preset for a unique and classic monochrome process.

Comes in Classic and Warm variation (Warm pictured)

Old Softie:

A softer contrast take on black and white processing that leaves more subtle gradations in tone in your images, giving them a tender feel, while retaining the class and prestige of a traditionally processed black and white photo. Usage Tip: This preset is suited to light scenes, bridal portraits, children, and sweet candid moments.  It works very well on scenes where you want to retain a dreamy and surreal feel, especially when combined with the Exposure boosting presets in the Developing Suite.

Comes in Classic and Warm variation (Classic pictured)

JOSH LIBA Developing Presets

Take the work out of your work-flow with stackable presets

You’ll love this full-featured collection of development shortcuts! But not more than you’ll love all the time you save.

All the presets are organized into a logical order and all stack together for a cumulative look that is entirely your own.  Just… Faster.  You can easily choose favorite developing steps and build your own customized preset with ease.  To save even more time, copy and paste your develop settings across multiple pictures! Here’s a short insight into the basic shortcut presets included in the Josh Liba Developing Suite.

  • Reset Exposure and Tone: A ‘reset’ preset that leaves your crop intact and lets you start layering presets from scratch.
  • Brightness Boost/Lower: Bring exposure up or down to a perfect level with one of these eight presets.
  • Color Kick: Breathe a bit of life into your colors, *without* over saturating skin tones.  Comes in three levels of strength.
  • Contrast Reset: Resets contrast edits to zero without affecting other presets, allowing you to try a different contrast value or use one of the Contrasty presets again.
  • Contrasty: A fan-favorite.  Increase overall contrast and depth in three custom levels.  Instant magazine-style pop.
  • Dark Shadow Recovery: Lighten up! This preset is great for dark suit detail, indoor venues, or adding fill light in contrasty pictures made in sunlight or direct flash.
  • Highlight Control:  Recover blown highlight in three custom levels.  Good for recovering white dress detail, skies, and light colored objects or skin tones.
  • Highlight Increase:  Highlights are not always bad!  In fact, some images benefit from stronger and lighter tones, enhancing the tonal difference and making images appear more vivid, light, or airy.
  • Inky Blacks: Deepens the black levels for more drama and shadow depth. Try it out in addition to any Black and White develop preset to strengthen tonality.  Comes in two dark depth variations.
  • Tone All Reset:  Resets all highlight/shadow color toning values to zero without affecting any other presets, allowing you to try a different tone or set up to use one of the following toning presets.
  • Tone Cold/Warm: Adds a designer cool or warm tone to highlights and shadows. Nice for correcting overly warm scenes, while not changing the overall white balance.  Adding a warm tone is great for outdoor and nature scenes to get that sun-kissed feel.
  • Vignette Basic:  The beginning of the Vignette presets, and the most used set of vignettes in my photography.  They are just subtle enough to make a clear visual difference, without being very obvious – drawing the viewers attention into your photo and subject without distraction.
  • Vignette Deep: These Vignettes are for scenes where the subject of the photo is closer to the center of the photo, or when you simply want a vignette that extends deeper into the photo for more drama or focus.
  • Vignette Defined Round:  This set of vignettes is based on a more circular focus point, rather than ovular.  It really draws the attention into a center weighted photo such as bride and groom portraits if their heads are close together in the center, or silhouetted against a bright backlight.
  • Vignette Edge Burn:  As the name suggests, this trendy preset darkens just the edges of the photo, making the whole image stand out on a background or album.  Works great with more edgy scenes and contrasty photos.
  • Vignette in a Dream: A series of white vignettes at varying intensities.  These are specifically for high-key or photos on light or white backgrounds where a dark vignette would look inappropriate.
  • Whoa That’s Sharp:  An effective sharpening preset that focuses on the structure and detailed edges in your photo, making for a great web-presentation, or sharpening up a photo that was just slightly out of focus.
  • Why So Noisy:  Many modern DSLRs will have such well-controlled noise at high ISOs that this preset will hardly need to be used.  But if the picture is severely underexposed or from an older professional camera, this preset can smooth out the bad looking color or luminance grain, saving the moment.


The fine details are more than an afterthought. These brushes help ensure that your creative vision is fully realized. You'll find a suite of remixed basic brushes, such as dodging, burning, and sharpening, specifically tweaked to work best with the developing presets and your workflow.

Some features of included brushes:

  • The skin smoothing brush improves and evens skin texture without looking plastic.
  • Skin color inconsistencies are easily rectified with the Red-Face Fixer brush.
  • Whiten teeth and eyes without the painted-over look of other touch-up solutions.
  • Make eyes pop with natural contrast and color without looking like a glowing terminator-glamour doll!
  • Bring out the “bling” on jewelry, rings and diamonds with the High Definition Detailing Brush

The greatness of these brushes is proven in practical and artistic context.



  • Basic Burn: Slightly darken the exposure.  Great for bringing dramatic skies back from over exposure, creating shadows for drama or facial shaping.
  • Basic Dodge: Slightly lighten the exposure.  Good for restoring detail in very dark areas, or brightening faces.
  • Color Booster: Slightly pop the colors.  Great for enhancing the bold colors of nature or colorful clothing.
  • High Definition Detailer: Run this over diamonds and detailed jewelry to make them shine with enhanced contrast, sharpness and clarity.  Use on anything that needs a bit more… bite!  Works very well for silver, gold, and macro detail too.
  • Fantasy Faux Shadow:  A slightly purple toned shadow.  Great for improving and maintaining the look of magic hour, or creating gradient shadows with a hint of color.
  • Fantasy Faux Sunshine:  The color and brightness of the sun – in a brush!  Nice to use as a gradient effect to mimic the look of warm shining sun in outdoor pictures.
  • Red Face Fixer: Primarily for lighter skinned people who have gotten a bit too much sun, dancing, (or free drinks?) and need a bit of red reduction.  Good for most skin types that tend to redden, and great for fixing skin color inconsistencies.
  • Skin Smoother:  Realistically softens bumpy skin and pores to be less noticeable for over all skin smoothing.  For a complete solution to blemishes, use Lightroom’s healing brush tool first, then run back over the skin with the Skin Smoother brush.
  • Teeth & Eye Whitener:  A slight whitening and brightening tool for teeth and eye whites.  For eyes, it’s good to follow with Truly Gorgeous Eyes.
  • Truly Gorgeous Eyes:  For enhancing the iris color, contrast, and clarity in the irises of your subjects eyes.

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